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Local car hire

Hire a car easily and cheaply

Forget about the long queues, hidden costs and restrictions of traditional car hire agencies. Choose car hire between private individuals, as a practical and economical solution. Whether you’re going on holiday or on a business trip, enjoy a unique and pleasant experience by booking easily and in complete confidence.

Discover a new way to rent a car and benefit from a wide choice of quality vehicles at low prices. Contribute to the local economy and sustainable development by car-sharing in several Belgian cities.

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Top 6 cars for hire


Utility or van


Minibus or motorhome


Small car without a licence


Electric car


Limousine hire


Sports car

Classic car hire:
for which event?

Whether it’s for a wedding, an anniversary, a romantic getaway or just for fun, hiring a classic car is a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a fan of vintage vehicles, legendary sports cars or feminine models, you’ll find the model that’s right for you on a professional car hire platform or between private individuals, more on

Diesel rental

Diesel rental cars:
the first choice for renters

Do you need to hire a car for a business trip, business relocation or moving house? Are you having a tough time choosing between a petrol, hybrid or diesel car? Diesel rental vehicles are the first choice of car hirers, for a number of reasons.

Diesel rental cars are more economical to run, more efficient on long journeys, more environmentally friendly than older models and more versatile in terms of range. Whether you’re looking for a car for young people, a retro car or a family car, you’re bound to find a diesel hire car to suit your needs and your budget. Don’t think twice, go for a diesel rental car and enjoy a great level of comfort.

Selection criteria

Hire according to specific needs

Whether you’re looking for a car for young people, a retro car, a sports car or a city car, you’ll have no trouble finding the one that’s right for your holiday or moving plans. Discover the different selection criteria that will enable you to rent according to your requirements and affinities.

Holiday car hire

Holiday car hire

Leave with a clear head

Weekend car hire

Weekend car hire

Discover new horizons

Hire a removal van

Take advantage of low rates

Book your car in just a few clicks

Flexibility and convenience

Easily accessible car hire services

Car hire with unlimited mileage
Travel freely thanks to a car hire service with unlimited mileage. Explore every corner of your destination.

Car equipment

Accessories required in the rented car

Car equipment are accessories or parts that improve the comfort, safety or performance of a vehicle. There is a wide variety of car equipment, such as baby seats, electric coolers, heated seats, car GPS systems, etc. These accessories may be fitted as standard by the manufacturer, or added at a later date.

Baby seat

An important accessory for your children's safety

Electric cooler

The guarantee of pleasant moments of relaxation during the hot days



The solution for safe driving

Return conditions

Points to consider
when hiring a car

Hiring a car involves taking out compulsory or optional insurance cover. These cover risks related to driving, damage or theft of the vehicle. It’s important to compare them before you hire a car.

Insurance for car hire

What type of insurance should I take out when hiring a car?

Before setting off, it’s essential to check the condition of the vehicle. This will prevent breakdowns, accidents and fines. Check fluid levels, tyre pressure, lights, brakes, etc.

Checking the condition of the vehicle

Do I need to know the car's history?

Flexibility and savings

Advanced mobility solutions
tailored to your needs

Leasing for businesses

Leasing for businesses

A flexible and economical solution

Luxury car leasing

Drive in prestige with zero constraints

LCD with services included

Convenience at a reduced price